Monthly Archives: August 2021

Increases mitochondria production

Protandim can improve mitochondrial function. It can help boost the availability of necessary proteins for ATP production. They also serve as antioxidants that assist the mitochondria in reducing oxidative stress. Lifestyle changes can be effective. Intermittent fasting, exercise, cold, ketogenic diet, oxaloacetate, malic acid, resveratrol, apigenin, leucine, and niacinamide can make a big difference.

Supports the body to detoxify genes

Called as the blueprint for life, genes tell our cells what to do. But when free radicals are uncontrolled, cells can’t perform their responsibilities. Taking Protandim can be of great help. Its primary ingredients are rich with antioxidants that can detoxify genes. Don’t forget the utmost importance of a healthy lifestyle. A complete diet and […]

Boosts body repair and rejuvenates cells

The body can repair damaged cells on its own. But in some cases, its natural healing ability might not function at its best because of various factors. Long-term and uncontrolled oxidative stress is one of the culprits. To restore the body’s ability to repair injuries, heal inflammation or rejuvenate cells, enough intake of Protandim is […]

Reduces oxidative stress by approximately 40%

Oxidative stress occurs when there’s an imbalance of antioxidants and free radicals in the body. Short-term stress can only cause mild inflammation. However, uncontrolled can accelerate the aging process. It can even contribute to the development of different conditions. Of course, proper diet and lifestyle can play a crucial role. However, it’s not enough. Protandim […]